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Friday, January 25, 2008

I Trust in God

He is.I am.He will

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Total Surrender

Since Wednesday night I've been thinking how awesome it would be if we all could live in that place of total surrender we saw all the time.Sometimes even if we dont mean for it to things get in the way of that happening.My prayer for myself and our church is that we constantly press our way into God's prescence by being willing to totally surrender to Him and His Holy Spirit.If we do we can change our world.I know we have it in us because I have sensed God prescence in our church more than any I have before.Take care and see ya Sunday

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do I Look 42?

Hey everybody.Yep thats right its my birthday.As a gift to me if you dont mind please just leave a comment letting me know you read my blog.I know some who do but us bloggers are always curious about how many people we make laugh,touch their heart,or encourage.If you dont want to thats fine too.I still love ya!Take care and see ya soon.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just Being Real

Hey everybody.After getting feedback from people I respect I have decided to go ahead with the blog I mentioned in my last post but have decided to shorten title to "Bind The Strongman".First go to www.blogger.com.In order to long onto blog and make your own post enter user name of BindTheStrongman@reborn.com and use password 0123nvmc.For right now I only ask two things.First do not use anyone's proper name including your own.I think anonymity will allow people to be more open and real in sharing their struggles.Secondly I would say while being real also be aware there might be post that you may find offensive.Be forewarned.For any youth who read my blog please ask for your parents consent before viewing "Bind The Strongman"My only reason for doing this is not to air dirty laundry but allow others to pray for us and our real struggles.I pray healing will come to each and every one of you.I love you and God bless.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just Cant Wait

Hey everybody.Sorry it's been so long since last post.Computer issues again.Have a lot going on in my spirit I'd like to talk about just havent been able to.I had impressed on me the idea of setting up a blog called "Binding the Strongman"where people could go to post those struggles they want to share so we could be in prayer and intercession for one another.Tell me what you think.Looking forward to church tomorrow with the water baptism,state of the church address, and Jason Crabb.I really appreciate his ministry because he is real with you and totally sold out for Jesus.That's my prayer for all of us including myself.Love everybody and see you tomorrow